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Volume 2, Issue 15

August 2006


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A Teaching Resume Will Define All Your Strong Points And Qualifications, Displaying You As The Best Choice For The Job.

by Robert Goldsmith.

Robert is a freelance writer For www.ResumeHowTo.com. They specialize in all kinds of different resume issues. They have information on various types of sample resumes, Also they can connect you with companies that are dedicated to resume writing so you needn't worry about having a great resume again.

A teachers resume should be a brief document in which you provide as much as evidence as you can to the employer that you will be a good teacher.
Basically a resume should contain your full name, campus and permanent address, telephone numbers and email addresses. Apart from that a teaching resume should include the following information:

- A clear cut career and job objective which shows your sense of direction to the employer.
- Your teaching resume should have the names of each of your employers and your corresponding job titles.
- Mention the number of staff that you manage (if applicable).
- Highlight the list of subjects and the age of the pupils that you teach.
- Mention some of the teaching and learning methods that you use, field trips, discussions etc.
- Mention your responsibilities in curriculum developments.
- Highlight how you develop pupils with practical, creative, academic and social skills by balanced learning programs.
- Mention any administrative duties in your work place.
- Your methods and procedures for setting and marking home work, course work and exams.
- How you did assessment of pupils work.
- How you are maintaining relationships with other teachers, parents, counselors, social workers etc to improve the activities of pupils.
- Mention how you are working, advising and guiding pupils on personal and academic problems and issues, caring responsibilities.
- Highlight any extra curricular activities that you organized and the result of it.
- Highlight any other achievements that have benefited your department and obviously your organization in general.

Article Source: http://www.Free-Articles-Zone.com

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Using Magic To Develop Public Speaking Skills and 
Creative Thinking

By Michael Kett
Houdini in the Classroom

It is common knowledge that adults fear public speaking more than dying. Speaking in front of a crowd can definitely be intimidating. The use of magic can help to lessen the fear of public speaking.

Presenting a magic effect is often less frightening than presenting a speech. Performing a magic effect to only one other person or a small group is a great introduction to public speaking. Once a student is comfortable performing in front of his class, why not have him perform his magic in front of a group that would be very receptive to magic (kindergarten, first or second grade)?

Pairing up students and having one student teach the other a new magic effect is another technique to improve communication skills, especially if the teacher has previously instructed the students to use a detailed step-by-step approach in teaching the magic effect.

Myths regarding creative thinking need to be discussed with students. Students need to be told that creative thinking is not a function of intelligence. Research shows that only a small percentage of highly creative children have high IQ scores. Creative thinking is also not limited only to artists, musicians and writers. Creative thinking is necessary in all careers and occupations.

Magic can be used to develop creative thinking in a number of ways. The teacher can perform a magic effect and have the students individually or in small groups try to explain how the effect was accomplished. The students can draw diagrams to support their hypothesis. Of course, there should be no right or wrong answers.

The story that accompanies a magic effect can also develop creative thinking. Have the students write a story, individually or as a group. The story can be imaginary, convey a desired trait or habit, or be curriculum-based.

For other ideas how to use magic to improve motor skills, self-esteem, and create memory hooks for key curriculum topics, visit www.houdiniintheclassroom.com

Michael Kett, a physical therapist for more than 25 years, is an educator, motivator, and author. His two published books, Applied Magic and Houdini in the Classroom, explore two unique magic applications. Applied Magic demonstrates how to use magic as a therapeutic tool and Houdini in the Classroom shows teachers how to use magic to develop creative thinking, writing skills, verbal communication and self-esteem.

Be sure to check out Michael's website, 
Houdini in the Classroom




We are proud to offer Michael's two books.  Simply click the links to each (affiliated with Amazon) for more information or to purchase.

Michael also has an excellent offer
to teachers on his website:  
Purchase the illustrated 124 page e-book version of Houdini In the Classroom... and you will receive 3 additional bonuses valued at $45! 
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Click on his website for details!


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Website of the Month:

The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception

Our August WEBSITE OF THE MONTH award is presented to, Exploratorium, an interactive science website for students and teachers.    

The Exploratorium, Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception, is an excellent website you can use right in your classroom.  Visitors to the site can follow the live work of scientists around the world right as they work.  One great feature of the site is the Ancient Writings, where you can see an original document from ancient Greece being studied by modern day scientists at Stanford University.  Another is the Science of Gardening, where videos display and discuss the aspects of gardening, from growing to processing to feeding people around the world.

Among other great interactive science themes, the Science of Sports will certainly interest many students.  In the Science of Hockey, for example, actual NHL coaches and players, along with physicists and chemists deal with everything from ice to energy to the physics of a slap shot.  

This is a user-friendly website with quick links to the various parts of the site.  You could use this as a preparatory site for your class plans, an interactive site to use in class, or even as a supplemental for your students to check out at home.

Check this site out, you'll be glad you did.  Simply click the link below:








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"That's Not My Job"
Author Unknown

Themes on Life

The power of teamwork and taking the initiative...

This is a story about four people: 
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done
and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. 

Anybody could have done it but Nobody did it. 
Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody's job. 
Everybody thought Anybody could do it,
but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody 
when Nobody did what Anybody could have done. 


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