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Frank's MACUL Presentation:

"I Didn't Know I Was In A Blended Classroom!"

Ways You Can Transform Your Classroom:  Important Links:
· Record mini-lessons with Jing

· Record digital stories with Jing

· Create ‘flipped’ lesson videos with iMovie

· Skype with experts from around the world

· Create interactive quizzes / activities with Moodle or Quizlet

· Teach content and reading skills through Article of the Week

· Link up your audio files / books on CD

· Link up digital copies of stories / novels (lit2go)

· Provide resources for additional learning (videos, websites)

· Post assignments on your class webpage (or Moodle)

· Allow for assignments through email


· Take notes online as well as through lecture or PowerPoint

· Play instrumental music while your students are working

· Tie in your content to music (kids respond to music)







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