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Mark Benn Munir Moosa Sewani Mary Ann Graziani Chris Sura
Helen de la Maza Salima Moosa Sewani Yasmeen Jumani Rozina Jumani
Jerry Judge Hank Kellner Dr. Peter Manute Kim Taylor-DiLeva
Frank Holes, Jr. Christina Riggan Michael Kett  


Mark Benn earned his B.S. from Western Michigan University and his Elementary Certification from Northern Michigan University.  He is a 20 year teaching veteran of 5th and 6th grade students at Inland Lakes Middle School in Indian River, MI.  He is currently working on Masters of Integration of Technology from Walden University. 

Prior to teaching, Mark spent 11 years as Department Manager for Sears, Roebuck and Co. dealing with emerging technologies.  He has been married to his wife Bonnietta for 32 years with one daughter and two sons.  In the summers, Mark works for Mackinac State Historic Parks in the as a historical interpreter.

Mark Benn is a leading expert in using technology in the classroom.  
You can feel free to contact him on email at or at his blogsite: 

Past Articles from Mark:

Integrating Technology into the Classroom
Active Learning Leads to Technology Use

Handheld Integration - A Look at the Future in the Present
Are the Students Truly Understanding It?  Are We? (part 1)
Are the Students Truly Understanding It?  Are We? (part 2)
Are the Students Truly Understanding It?  Are We? (part 3)

Enhancing Learning Through Great Websites
Musings of a Technology Integration Project
Web 2.0, The New Culture of Social Community
Are You Hindering Your Students' Cognitive Ability?

Are We Moving Into A Post-Literate Society? (part 1)
Are We Moving Into A Post-Literate Society? (part 2)
Are We Moving Into A Post-Literate Society? (part 3)

Communication Today
Communication is Changing
Computer Literacy Terms (part 1)
Computer Literacy Terms (part 2)

Help!  I Can't Find Anything
iPods Are For Education
21st Century Classrooms

isteNETS Project-What Is It?
The Obvious Isn't Always Obvious
21st Century Learning?  This Is The Answer!

Educational Change -  Are You Ready For It?
Web 2.0 - What Can It Do For You?
Textbooks:  Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?
Grading: What Is Our Motivation?



Munir Moosa Sewani is one of the most famous, prominent and creative names in the field of Education in the past 9 years. He is a Master Trainer In Special Education, Post Graduate, Teacher Educator and a Teacher. He is a Freelance Writer and Photographer, in addition to his role as a featured writer for StarTeaching's newsletter for nearly four years now. He is an author of the famous self-published storybook for children titled "The MORAL STORIES FOR CHILDREN" and has also written a Biology book for Secondary Classes. He has written more than 75 articles dealing with social, health, educational and cultural issues, which are internationally recognized and published in famous world wide websites, newsletters, magazines and newspapers. 

He is also a Social worker, private tutor, career counselor, musician, lyrics writer and has multi-dimensional talents. His future plan is to write dozens of informative articles and to work for education and media, in order to explore hidden creativity.

His future plan is to write dozens of informative books and articles and to work in the education field and the media, in order to develop the sense of understanding many dimensions of life through his creativity.

You can contact Munir Moosa Sewani at:

Past Articles from Munir:

Duties of a Responsible Teacher

The Importance of Career Planning
Effective Interview Skills

Voice of Exceptional People (part 1)
Voice of Exceptional People (part 2)
Teaching As A Career

Analyzing the Lack of Educational Motivation in Students
Reflections on Teaching Practice

Drug Education: An Emerging Concept For Teachers
Relation of Color with Child Psychology
World Disable Day

Reflective Writing - A Learning Process

Enhancing Your Teaching Skills

Challenges of Teaching Part 1
Challenges of Teaching Part 2

Poking Your Nose Into A Book

Decision Making Skills

Corporal Punishment (part 1)
Corporal Punishment (part 2)
Corporal Punishment (part 3)

Need for Action Research in Education
Daily Classroom Improvement with Action Research

Primary Field Decider Scale

Behavioral Disorders in Children (part 1)
Behavioral Disorders in Children (part 2)
Behavioral Disorders in Children (part 3)
Behavioral Disorders in Children (part 4)



Mary Ann Graziani is a Michigan Certified Teacher with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. She is married and has two sons.  She loves to read and write, and enjoys passing on that love to the children that she teaches.   Her philosophy is teaching and entertaining children at the same time.

She has published an educational book for elementary school-aged children using high frequency sight words, and is in the process of publishing an entire set that goes with that book.   She has also written a math tale that teaches customary units of measurement to elementary school-aged children in an entertaining storybook tale.   You can  contact Mary Ann at:

Pick up a copy of MaryAnn Graziani's book, Fat Pigs Fly!


Past Articles from Mary Ann:

What is Homelessness?
The Call For Smaller Class Sizes
The Effective Teacher
Problem Solving Worksheet and Guide

Kim Taylor-DiLeva is an educational trainer and owner of Kimís Signing Solutions ( .  

She conducts parent and teacher workshops throughout New York State and conducts sign language enrichment classes for daycares and preschools in the Albany, NY area. 

You can contact Kim at:

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Past Articles from Kim:

Building A Positive Classroom Environment: Using Sign Language Signs
Signing Sight Words for Success
Using Sign Language In Your Classroom: Getting Started
Addressing Different Learning Styles (With American Sign Language)
Using Sign Language to Help the Hearing ADD or ADHD Child
Using American Sign Language Signs to Help Your Struggling Learners in Social Studies and Science



Hank Kellner  is a retired teacher of English who has served as a department chair at the high school level and an adjunct associate professor of English at the community college level.

He is the former publisher of Moneygram, a marketing newsletter for photographer.  He is also the creator of many photographs and articles that have appeared in publications nationwide, the author of extensive reading comprehension materials for a publisher of educational materials, and a former contributor to Darkroom Photography magazine.  His self-syndicated series, Twelve Unknown Heroes of the American Revolution appeared in more than fifty newspapers and magazines nationwide.

Kellner's most recent publication, Write What You See: 99 Photos To Inspire Writing, is marked by Prufrock Press.  His blog appears regularly at

Past Articles From Hank:





Jerry Judge is a Affiliate Professor with Grand Valley State University.  Prior to this he was a High School principal at L'Anse , Kalkaska and Royal Oak for a total of 25 years. During his tenure in education he has observed many changes and has had the opportunity to work with many outstanding teachers in Northern Michigan. His position with Grand Valley is to work with educators on leadership and writing articles on leadership for all educators. 

Past Articles From Jerry:




Salima Moosa Sewani has been in the field of teaching for 8 years. She is running her own Learning Center and also working with the Exceptional People in Pakistan. She is a Master Trainer and has done many teaching certifications.

Past Articles From Salima:

Teaching - A Challenging And Reflective Profession

Challenges of Curriculum (part 1)
Challenges of Curriculum (part 2)

The Art of Story Telling
Understanding Mathematic Disability




Yasmeen Jumani has been a teacher Educator for the past 11 years.  She has done her Masters in Islamic History from the University of Karachi.  She has a Master in Education from Hamdard University, Institute of Education and Social Sciences, A VT certificate from AKU-IED along with an advance diploma in (PTEP) Professional Teacher Education Program from IIS and AKU- IED. 

Past Articles From Yasmeen:

Some Practical Tips While Teaching In Secondary Classes
Parental Involvement Through In-Class Support Program
Value Added Practice In Teaching And Learning
A Journey From Teacher to Action Researcher:   A case study
Can Students Assess Their Own Learning?
Decision Making: A Continuous Process in Teaching


Rozina Jumani is a Development consultant associated with a number of Non governmenetal Organizations(NGO). Prior to this, she was with Aga Khan Education Services Pakistan for 10 years as a Professional Development Teacher and Counsellor. She has done her Masters in Islamic Studies and English from University of Karachi. She is a commonwealth scholar and completed her Masters in Education Planning, Economic and International Development from the institute of Education (IOE), University of London.

Past Articles From Rozina:

Enhancing Students' Participation Through Practical Classroom Activities
A Guarantee To Bring Improvement
Teacher As Change Agent

Integrated Reading Program For Primary Teachers
Defining Literacy
Multiplicity of Educational Systems in Pakistan: A Critical Review
Active Learning - A Key To Success


Helen de la Maza is a Curriculum and Instruction Consultant in southern California with almost 15 years experience in the field of education. She has written curricula and taught science, environmental science, and environmental education to students ranging in age from 4 to 85 years! 

She believes that learning the process of scientific thinking can help students think critically and be careful observers of the natural and human-made world. 

Helen earned an MS in Wildlife Science, an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, California single subject teaching credentials in Biological Sciences and English, and a multiple subject credential. When she was in graduate school for her MS, she realized that "interpreters" were needed to communicate between the scientific community and lay people. Much of her work has been focused on doing this through teaching, training, and writing.

Science Activities From Helen:

Seed Science PDF

Looking At Leaves PDF

Insect Life Cycle Scavenger Hunt PDF

Plant Life Cycle Hike PDF

Decomposition Detectives PDF

Photosynthesis Game PDF



Chris Sura, upon earning his Bachelorís at Western Michigan University worked for Central Michigan University in Housing before teaching at River Valley High School. When he moved to Houghton Lake where he currently teaches, Chris completed his Masters in Education at Central Michigan University. A member of the Crossroads Writing Project through Ferris State University, he facilitates a conference on Professional Writing every summer and does online instruction through Kirtland Community College. He is married to Heidi, his wife of twenty years, and has two kids, Christopher and Grace. Chris writes poetry and fiction and has self published a book of poems. 

 You can visit Chris at his website

Past Articles from Chris:

Going Beyond With Journals
Clash of the Titans





Christina Riggan, a twenty-five year veteran of public schools, and a former teacher in a primary (K-5) school in Austin, Texas, has worked with a variety of grade levels from Kindergarten to adults. Her certifications include Kindergarten, Reading, ESOL, Language Arts, and she holds a Principal's Certificate and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She is currently a full-time writer, her chosen area of focus in writing books (fiction and nonfiction) and articles that might help parents, teachers, and students. She is married to David, her husband of thirty-eight years, has two happily married sons, and four wonderful grandchildren. 

You can contact Christina at  
Check out Christina's book's website
You can order her book in ebook form or in paperback on her website.

Past Articles from Christina:

Does Your Kid Have a Great Teacher?  Here's How You Know
Too Much Pressure Too Soon?  What's A Teacher To Do?
The Ten Commandments of Teachers
Teaching Literacy to ESOL Learners


Michael Kett, a physical therapist for more than 25 years, is an educator, motivator, and author. His two published books, Applied Magic and Houdini in the Classroom, explore two unique magic applications. Applied Magic demonstrates how to use magic as a therapeutic tool and Houdini in the Classroom shows teachers how to use magic to develop creative thinking, writing skills, verbal communication and self-esteem.

Past Articles from Michael:

The Untold Secret to Creating a Fun Learning Environment
Peanut Butter and Jelly vs. Magic
Using Magic to Develop Public Speaking Skills and Creative Thinking


We are proud to offer Michael's two books.  Simply click the links to each (affiliated with Amazon) for more information or to purchase.

Michael also has an excellent offer to teachers on his website.  
Purchase the illustrated 124 page e-book version of Houdini In the Classroom... and you will receive 3 additional bonuses valued at $45! 
(including a CD-ROM demonstrating the tricks)



Dr. Peter Manute is a well-renowned world traveler, guest speaker, and educational consultant.  

Dr. Manute holds multiple degrees in several educational fields. He has taught in both stateside and international school communities.  He has extensive experience (25 years) in school administration.  He also has worked at the university level, supervising teacher interns and teaching undergraduate courses.

 You can  contact Dr. Manute at:

Past Articles from Dr. Manute:

Preparing for your Student Teaching Experience (part 1)
Preparing for your Student Teaching Experience (part 2)
Working with a Mentor (part 3)

Finding That First Job (part 1)
Where to Find that First Job (part 2)



Frank Holes, Jr. is the editor of the StarTeaching website and the Features for Teachers bi-monthly online newsletter.  Started in 2004, StarTeaching is received by an audience of over 25,000 readers in the US and world-wide every month.  He has been blessed with the help and aid of a wonderful international staff of gifted educational feature writers.  

Frank earned his B.A. degree from Michigan State University and his M.A. in Educational Leadership from Central Michigan University.  Frank has taught in both the high school and middle school levels (in schools of all sizes and communities) in his extensive educational career.  

In 2007, Frank was awarded the prestigious Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year award.  He is married to his wife Michele with son James and daughter Sarah.  Frank enjoys writing, publishing three Michigan folklore thrillers, Year of the Dogman , The Haunting of Sigma, and Nagual: Dawn Of The Dogmen, as well as a children's fantasy The Longquist Adventures: Western Odyssey.  He is also putting together a book on teaching writing at the middle school level.  


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