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           We are dedicating to creating unique and meaningful professional development opportunities for districts, schools, and other educational organizations.  We strive to find the

perfect balance of best practices and relevant new research methods.

           We seek to break the mold of the cookie cutter approach to teacher training by offering a fresh and customizable

approach.  We truly seek to develop an inservice based on the audienceís needs.

The presenting duo has been invited to speak and train all across the nation, and they will be able to enrich your teaching staff as well.  Contact us today, and lets begin developing a teacher training for you



Mastering Basic Skills software:


There are six modules designed to test the basic ability of an individual in terms of Memory & Concentration. Needless to say this is the most important basic skill for not just to survive but also to thrive in this competitive environment. Each of the six modules tests the six variants of Memory & Concentration in an individual, namely: 1. Picture recognition
2. Paired Associate Learning
3. Immediate Recall
4. Serial processing
5. Parallel processing
6. Recognition and Recall
Each of these modules runs at three different levels, from easy to difficult.

At each level, the individual's performance is depicted as Scores Obtained.

A feedback has been built into the software for all these 18 levels depending on the marks one scores during the test. 

Each individual can assess his/her performance any time by clicking on "history", which gives complete details of date and time of taking the tests, marks scored each time and even time taken to do the test. This builds the confidence level and encourages more participation to eventually culminate in improvement and enhancement of memory and concentration.

Essentially, this software is a SELF AWARENESS tool that surely motivates the individual to realize one's capability and seek or be receptive for improvement. Also, if repeatedly done over a period of time works as Training tool to enhance their capability.
This software package is specifically designed to help young children to learn basic skills that will help them in school.  Continued follow-up will give these young learners success as they mature.  

Three versions of the software exist: Individual Software on either CD or Online,   Family Version Software, and an Institutional Software package.

StarTeaching wholeheartedly supports and endorses this software.  It will make a difference with your child or student.


Looking for a Teaching Job?
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I Want A Teaching Job


Super Teacher Worksheets


Administrators, or Administrators-to-Be?  Looking for an Administration or Central Office Job?

Click here to check out the MASSP website!

then simply click on the Job Opportunities link.


Check out this link to the Teach the First Amendment website, where you can find lesson plans, ideas, and resources about student media and student publications.  It also has some great social studies applications.  Click below:


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